The jersey’s unexpected appearance on the auction block in May

They spend a lot of money to come watch us play. We know these fans are really passionate, and they want to win. It’s been a long time since they’ve had a winner. “Let’s talk about why he is protesting which is because he believes there is unfair treatment of people of color in our country and there’s oppression and that’s important to him and they should be important to all of us. So now as a country let’s talk about these issues. Let’s about this racial divide is there one? Is there not one? Let’s be honest about that.”.

Cheap Jerseys from china And Goldhar, Walmart’s key property partner in Canada and a leading benefactor at Toronto’s main children’s hospital, reassured the country’s hockey fans and heritage advocates he plans to parade “this important piece of Canadian history” to museums and other public gathering places across Canada.Goldhar “wants the sweater to reach all corners of Canada through a national tour,” his Toronto area company, shopping mall empire SmartCentres, said in a statement issued hours after the sweater’s sale through Quebec based Classic Auctions.The No. 19 red and white jersey worn by Henderson when he scored his last minute goal to clinch Canada’s dramatic comeback victory in the ’72 Summit Series has been in the hands of an American collector since 2006.Henderson had gifted the jersey to Team Canada trainer Joe Sgro after the landmark Cold War series.Sgro later sold it to a Canadian collector who sold it again four years ago to the unidentified American collector.The jersey’s unexpected appearance on the auction block in May sparked interest from several large Canadian corporations eager to repatriate the relic. And Heritage Minister James Moore had voiced support for any effort to bring the “important part of Canadiana” back home, pledging federal financial support of up to half the purchase price for any buyer willing to donate the iconic sweater to a public museum.In an interview Wednesday with Canwest News Service, the 49 year old Goldhar said he remembers “exactly where I was” when Henderson scored his famous goal in Moscow on Sept. Cheap Jerseys from china

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